FFP2/KN95 Disposable Facial Protective Masks

Nufasion FFP2/KN95 Protective Masks – Box Of 20 Pieces – CE Certified, With Elastics And Adaptable Nose Clip, 5 Filtration Layers, Protection For Exterior And Interior.


Benefits: For maximum safety mask comptrises 5 layers of non-woven fabric, fusion blown, moisture resistant, non-toxic and non-irritant, to include elastic straps and adjustable nose clip. Comfortable to wear over an extended period. Dual action. The mask traps particles discharged by the wearer thereby protecting others. At the same time, the mask protects the wearer her or himself by filtering 94% of the air breathed in.

Features: 20 masks in a box – 4 packs of 5 masks. Flexible Nose Strip. Construction allows for smooth breathing and elasticated straps. Excellent quality, keen pricing.
10 July 2023